What is PlayBoxie?
With The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U having a Web Browser means you have access to play Web based HTML5 games from your console. We find all the compatible games for your consoles and add them to PlayBoxie.

Why use this site?
Even though the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U can play HTML5 games it doesn’t mean developers are supporting the controller. Most game are aimed at keyboard and mouse. So we at PlayBoxie search and test each game to make sure it runs smooth and plays well on a controller. So to sum up, if its on PlayBoxie then you can play it on your console.

What about the other games?
Playing HTML5 games on a console is new, this means it will take time for developers to include the control pad support, but we are contacting developers and telling them how easy it is to get their game on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U just by adding support. So over time we plan to work with developers to get more compatible games.

What happened to Xboxie.com and Sonyfied.com?
With the both sites growing bigger it was hard to manage both websites at once, so we moved them together to form one website. We will auto detect what console you are on and give you your're consoles supported games

Help Support PlayBoxie
First of all the site will be updated all the time with new games. So bookmark us so you're only a press away.
If you find any good games out in the wild and you want to add them then please press the submit button so we can add them to our growing database.
And last but not least, please help spread the word via Social Media, Forums and that old school style “Word of mouth”.